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Talking About Adult Vaccination Brochure

Do you think getting vaccinated isn’t worth the inconvenience or the cost? Think again. Most adults don’t have the full protection of available vaccines. Some adults may not have been vaccinated as children or may not have received all of their vaccinations. Even if you were vaccinated as a child, many new vaccines have become… Read more »

Advocacy for Vaccines: A Leadership Guide for School Nurses and Allied Health Professionals

Vaccines can go a long way towards eliminating infectious diseases and saving lives. School health professionals—nurses and allied health professionals—are the most knowledgeable members of the school community when it comes to understanding and advocating for vaccines. This is true both in regard to vaccines needed by students and those recommended for adults. While generally… Read more »

Infectious Disease Prevention

When it comes to disease prevention, a good strategy and proper preparation are the keys to success. All infectious and bloodborne diseases may be prevented, but they can be especially difficult to control in a school environment. Major strategies for prevention include hand washing, immunization and cleaning for health. Hand washing As simple as it… Read more »