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Spotless Classroom Cleaning Tricks–Revealed!

From stubborn whiteboard stains to mystery sticky spots, teachers share resourceful ideas to quickly clean classroom messes. As you look around your beloved classroom, are you annoyed that your desks are dirty, you have crayon on your walls and there are Sharpie stains on your whiteboard? Your fellow educators, inherently creative and infinitely resourceful, have… Read more »

Take Steps to Healthy, Active and Focused Students

Walking as a physical activity helps increase a child’s ability to learn. Safe, accessible, walkable communities help encourage this as well as strengthen schools and communities. Communities without safe walkable conditions can have the exact opposite outcome.

Counting Apples Instead of Cupcakes

Apples instead of cupcakes for a healthier lesson in school

If Billy has seven cupcakes and gives five of them away, how many does he have left for himself? The correct answer is two cupcakes, but we think it would be better if Billy was giving away apples, don’t you? Something simple like counting apples instead of cupcakes can help enhance a healthy school culture, allowing students… Read more »

Managing Asthma in the School Environment

This online course was developed by NEA Healthy Futures (as NEA HIN) and the Merck Childhood Asthma Network (MCAN) as part of NEA’s Online Academy. This free, 1.5 hour course will educate NEA members about asthma so that they can help students better manage their asthma while at school. The course addresses the causes, signs… Read more »

Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives Food Cards

This colorful set of cards depicting real food will become a favorite in your classroom. Designed to go with the Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives Teacher’s Guide, these cards complement activities in the guide, but can also be used in other lesson plans and by your students to create nutrition-related games. We bet you can… Read more »