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Color Yourself Happy

Adult coloring books

I was thrilled when Allie told me she was doing a blog post on coloring for stress relief! It’s something I have done for years, and it never ceases to help me feel relaxed and refreshed. While friends have found relaxation in knitting, crocheting and jigsaw puzzles, those things left me feeling frustrated. But coloring?… Read more »

Stress Management

Stress is something that can be hard to define because everybody experiences it and reacts to it differently. One thing is for sure — everyone has it. Generally, stress is a physical, mental, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension. For school employees, sometimes it can seem like stress is everywhere. A little… Read more »

Building Resilience

Just as consistent dental hygiene is essential to good dental health, “mental hygiene” contributes to overall well being. Adopting healthy routines and habits such as a eating a nutritious diet, getting adequate sleep, and engaging in regular exercise not only promote a healthy body; these factors promote mental health and resilience as well. “Life doesn’t… Read more »