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Congress: Celebrate Education Support Professionals Day by Reauthorizing HHFKA

Every year we celebrate National Education Support Professionals’ (ESPs) Day during American Education Week. This year, ESP Day is Wednesday, November 18. We try to sing the praises of ESPs all year-round, but this day is when schools and students also recognize the contributions of ESPs toward student success.

Green, High Performance Schools

A high performance or green school is a school facility and its grounds that create a healthy environment conducive to educating and learning while saving energy, resources and money. High performance designs embrace the concept of sustainability which requires an integrated, “whole building” approach that assess the total impact of the facility on the environment… Read more »

What’s Your IEQ?

Developed by NEA Healthy Futures (as NEA HIN) as part of NEA Academy, What’s Your IEQ? A Roadmap to School Indoor Environmental Quality is a free course that will educate NEA members, state association staff, and others on how to identify, prevent, and resolve indoor environmental quality (IEQ) issues like mold and moisture problems, chemical exposure, asbestos, radon,… Read more »