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Take Steps to Healthy, Active and Focused Students

Walking as a physical activity helps increase a child’s ability to learn. Safe, accessible, walkable communities help encourage this as well as strengthen schools and communities. Communities without safe walkable conditions can have the exact opposite outcome.

7 Habits of a Healthy Educator

Healthy Educator Helping Students

With each school year comes the chance to be proactive about your health. You can fight off chronic low energy, constant sniffles and stress headaches before they pull you under. In fact, not having a plan for maintaining your health while pouring passion into your profession will leave you fried by spring, says Mike Anderson,… Read more »

S.E.W. What? 10 Benefits of Physical Activity

S.E.W. What? is a blog series focusing on School Employee Wellness (S.E.W.), because hands down, employees are a school’s most important resource. No matter what your role, it is essential that you take care of yourself. You’re not the only one who will benefit from caring for yourself – the students and the entire school community will too. Many… Read more »

Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives Food Cards

This colorful set of cards depicting real food will become a favorite in your classroom. Designed to go with the Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives Teacher’s Guide, these cards complement activities in the guide, but can also be used in other lesson plans and by your students to create nutrition-related games. We bet you can… Read more »

Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives Poster

This colorful, educational poster will brighten up any classroom or space in your school or building! Designed to go with the Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives Teacher’s Guide, this poster will help reinforce concepts and inspire healthy choices year-round. For a bit of healthy inspiration at home, consider hanging this engaging and colorful poster in the… Read more »

Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives Grades K-3 Teacher’s Guide

Download this engaging resource to help your students apply nutrition, physical activity, and healthy lifestyle concepts to their lives! Designed for Grades K-3 and divided into three categories: THINK, EAT, and MOVE Healthy, the Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives® instructional guide provides step-by-step directions to carry out these easy-to-use lessons in your classroom. Each activity… Read more »