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Sharing is Caring When Fighting Student Hunger

Sometimes, you know you have to get involved because you can make a difference. That’s why Sara Brown, a health room assistant at Bordeaux Elementary School in Shelton, WA, works to fight student hunger. With over 70 percent of her students’ families as low-income or homeless, hunger is a real issue in her school.

Healthy Snacks to Help Keep You Alert

apples make great healthy snacks

Feel energized all day with these easy-to-prepare treats. Snacking throughout the day may seem sinful, but if you’re an educator, it’s critical. Experts agree that frequent snacking provides the body and brain with a steady supply of glucose to run efficiently. If that supply dips too low, you get foggy, cranky, even light-headed.

Breakfast After the Bell Serves Up Success

Breakfast after the bell

Secondary school principals across the nation are rallying around a new take on the School Breakfast Program called “Breakfast after the Bell”. In fact, 87% of principals who implemented the program believe that other principals should explore launching a similar program. Echoing the results of the Elementary school report that the Food Research and Action… Read more »

Congress: Celebrate Education Support Professionals Day by Reauthorizing HHFKA

Every year we celebrate National Education Support Professionals’ (ESPs) Day during American Education Week. This year, ESP Day is Wednesday, November 18. We try to sing the praises of ESPs all year-round, but this day is when schools and students also recognize the contributions of ESPs toward student success.

7 Ways You Can Support Healthy School Habits this Fall

Most everyone loves autumn. Days turn crisp, you get to change your wardrobe, the kids go back to school and Mother Nature puts on a great color show. But, fall also brings with it holiday celebrations and fundraisers, which aren’t always done in a healthy way. This fall, let’s work together to support healthy habits… Read more »