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Providing Clean Water to Flint, Michigan

When the city of Flint, Michigan switched its water source in 2014, issues with the water quality became immediately apparent. But it wasn’t until recently that the problems with the water supply, corrosion of pipes and lead in the water became national news. Now, the water situation had turned into a crisis.

Give Lily a Break!

I admit it. I am getting up there in years. I have been around long enough that my first couple of office jobs did not come with a computer or cell phone. I like social media as much as the next 50-something guy. Then something like this happens and I just have to long for the old days when the… Read more »

NEA’s Princess Moss Believes in Breakfast in the Classroom

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Princess Moss, Secretary-Treasurer of the National Education Association, to discuss the advantages of universal breakfast-in-the-classroom programs for students and teachers. Ms. Moss is an elementary music teacher from Louisa County, Virginia, and a long-time association and student advocate who sees Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) as… Read more »