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S.E.W. What? 10 Benefits of Healthy Eating

S.E.W. What? is a blog series focusing on School Employee Wellness (S.E.W.), because hands down, employees are a school’s most important resource. No matter what your role, it is essential that you take care of yourself. You’re not the only one who will benefit from caring for yourself – the students and the entire school community will too. There… Read more »

Bag the Junk: Happy, Healthy School Holiday Celebrations!

Let’s put a new spin on the holidays, which aren’t usually synonymous with being healthy. School celebrations can be fun and good for us. Learn more in this informative Bag the Junk brochure.  NEA Healthy Futures’ Bag the Junk program provides resources like this to help schools and student health advocates take the next steps… Read more »

5 Easy Ways to Support Healthy Learning

Children learning healthy habits

The 2015 – 2016 school year is officially here, and you’ve got your classroom and resource closet stocked with tools to help your students succeed. Organized classroom…check! Class rules posted…check! Desks arranged…check! But does your classroom support healthy learning? Even if you’re not a health, nutrition, or physical education teacher, there are ways to set… Read more »

Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives Family Guide – Spanish

The Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives Family Guide was created for families with children in grades K-6 as a 10-part guide to share valuable information customized to the ages of your children and their health needs. It is based on 10 healthy steps that can lead you and your family to a healthier lifestyle by focusing on eating healthy and being more active—together…. Read more »

Expo Excitement to #GetNEAHealthy!

Palm Trees in Orlando at Expo

This year, I attended my first Expo before the National Education Association’s Representative Assembly as a new(ish) employee at NEA Healthy Futures. My colleagues told me all about the excitement, the energy, the passion for education – and they were right! You could feel it from the moment you stepped into the convention center in… Read more »

Physical Activity and Active Living

Physical activity is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle and boasts many benefits. In combination with a healthy diet, regular physical activity can help prevent a range of chronic diseases later in life – including heart disease, cancer, and stroke – and helps control weight, builds lean muscle, promotes strong bone and joint development,… Read more »