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Portion Control: Eating Healthy Means Eating the Right Amount

At the core of protecting kids from childhood obesity is teaching them to consume healthy foods and beverages. But another layer to the battle of what to eat is teaching them about healthy amounts of food. In other words – portion control. And it’s not just to prevent childhood obesity – these lessons are applicable to everyone.

S.E.W. What? 10 Benefits of Healthy Eating

S.E.W. What? is a blog series focusing on School Employee Wellness (S.E.W.), because hands down, employees are a school’s most important resource. No matter what your role, it is essential that you take care of yourself. You’re not the only one who will benefit from caring for yourself – the students and the entire school community will too. There… Read more »

7 Ways You Can Support Healthy School Habits this Fall

Most everyone loves autumn. Days turn crisp, you get to change your wardrobe, the kids go back to school and Mother Nature puts on a great color show. But, fall also brings with it holiday celebrations and fundraisers, which aren’t always done in a healthy way. This fall, let’s work together to support healthy habits… Read more »

Reset Your Internal Clock

5 tips to get back into your early morning routine. After a summer of late nights and outdoor activities, getting back into an early morning routine can be tricky, especially since most teachers are already sleep deprived. Research shows that 43% of teachers get 6 hours or less of sleep each night, far less than… Read more »

Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives Family Guide – English

The Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives Family Guide was created for families with children in grades K-6 as a 10-part guide to share valuable information customized to the ages of your children and their health needs. It is based on 10 healthy steps that can lead you and your family to a healthier lifestyle by focusing on eating healthy and being more active—together…. Read more »

Bag the Junk: Healthy Rewards

Tough economic times often mean shrinking school budgets, leading many schools to sell junk foods and sugary beverages in vending machines, school stores and cafeteria à la carte lines to raise money. But selling these unhealthy products in our nation’s schools has a real cost—children’s health. This brochure shows you how to use healthy snack options… Read more »

Five Great Years of Breakfast in the Classroom

Girl eating school breakfast

A lot has happened since we joined Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom in 2010. Lots of planning, creating resources, training educators…we even changed our name from NEA Health Information Network to NEA Healthy Futures! But most importantly, we have been helping to feed more students school breakfast.