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Another Successful Year of Breakfast in the Classroom

It’s mid-morning in the classroom. One student has just walked in late. Another child’s stomach grumbles loudly. Yet another student raises her hand and asks to go to the nurse – she has a headache and stomachache. The students are fidgety, and many of them aren’t able to concentrate on the lesson. While there could… Read more »

Breakfast After the Bell Serves Up Success

Breakfast after the bell

Secondary school principals across the nation are rallying around a new take on the School Breakfast Program called “Breakfast after the Bell”. In fact, 87% of principals who implemented the program believe that other principals should explore launching a similar program. Echoing the results of the Elementary school report that the Food Research and Action… Read more »

School Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Good nutrition is one of the critical components to student learning readiness, from getting the nutrients to support cognitive development and reducing distractions due to an empty stomach to preventing chronic diseases and being physically able to participate throughout the school day. Healthy eating at school addresses hunger and obesity, while influencing life-long habits. More… Read more »