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Limpieza y desinfección en el entorno escolar:   La conexión entre la limpieza, la desinfección y la salud:   Limpieza, higienización y desinfección específica:   Selección del producto correcto para el trabajo:   Uso, almacenamiento y eliminación de productos:   Utilizando de manera segura el blanqueador con cloro en el entorno escolar:   Credits:  

Healthy Families Ahead!

Healthy families make a difference in the lives of children

Looking for a way to connect with the families you serve or encourage healthy lifestyles both in and outside of the classroom? Well, we’ve got you covered! NEA Healthy Futures is excited to announce our latest resource — the Take Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives Together Family Guide.

Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives Family Guide – Spanish

The Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives Family Guide was created for families with children in grades K-6 as a 10-part guide to share valuable information customized to the ages of your children and their health needs. It is based on 10 healthy steps that can lead you and your family to a healthier lifestyle by focusing on eating healthy and being more active—together…. Read more »

Stomach Bug Book – Spanish

NEA Healthy Futures (formerly NEA HIN) and the USDA have created The Stomach Bug Book, a booklet designed to inform and educate school personnel on norovirus, the spread of the disease and disease prevention, and provide helpful resources for the school community. It is important that students and school personnel, such as custodians, food service workers, bus… Read more »

Food Allergy Book: What School Employees Need to Know – Spanish

Schools and Food Allergies At any time, school staff may need to respond to a food allergy emergency—whether in the classroom or cafeteria, or on the playground, athletic field, or school bus. That’s why it’s important for educators to know about food allergies and understand their role in helping to prevent and respond to allergic… Read more »