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Chemical Exposure Risks in Schools

There is often more discussion about poison prevention in the home, but schools house many chemicals that can be dangerous, as well. Some of these chemicals come in the form of cleaning products and other daily use items. Others are chemicals that are stored away, but could be harmful in the event of a fire… Read more »

Green, High Performance Schools

A high performance or green school is a school facility and its grounds that create a healthy environment conducive to educating and learning while saving energy, resources and money. High performance designs embrace the concept of sustainability which requires an integrated, “whole building” approach that assess the total impact of the facility on the environment… Read more »

Indoor Environmental Quality

All students and school employees have the right to a great public school that fosters a safe and healthy learning and work environment – and that includes indoor environmental quality (IEQ). Poor IEQ is caused by a variety of harmful factors, including: mold, poor ventilation, chemicals, extreme temperatures, asbestos, and other pollutants that negatively impact… Read more »

Environmental Health

You may think about your school’s learning environment in terms of classroom atmosphere, staff-to-student-ratios, resources and family engagement. However, environmental health is something that impacts a learning environment and affects everyone in a school ― from staff to students. To have healthy learning environments, it is vital to take care of the environmental health of… Read more »