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The Importance of School-Based Mental Health Services

The conversation around children’s mental health needs has been growing for years. There have been great advancements in neuropsychological research and neuroimaging that have improved our understanding of how our experiences affect brain chemistry and development. We now understand that exposure to chronic environmental stressors (poverty, community violence, familial disruption and instability) and the effects… Read more »

Why Growing Students Really Need More Sleep

Spring forward! My least favorite Sunday morning of the year happened this week. Sure, spring is coming and the daylight will linger in the warmer temperatures, but losing that hour can be rough for an already sleep-deprived nation. But it’s even worse for our nation’s teenagers, who already get less than the recommended hours of… Read more »

Combatting Social Isolation: It Starts With Hello

Students and teacher walking in school hallway

Start With Hello Call-to-Action Week: February 8 – 12, 2016 At every school and in every community there are children who feel like they have no friends and quietly suffer through each day – especially at lunchtime, recess and other moments where friends gather together.

Winter Blues or Something More?

That blah feeling. Tiredness. Irritability. The desire to eat every carb in sight and soothe yourself with comfort food. Most of us have been there, but if these feelings are prolonged and take place in fall and/or winter, it could be something larger than just the winter or holiday blues – it could be seasonal… Read more »

Save Lives: Prevent Suicide

Suicide is a leading cause of death for teenagers.

Anytime we lose a young person to suicide is one time too many. Did you know that suicide is the third leading cause of death for youth between the ages of 10 and 24? It’s worse than that, though. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also found in a nationwide survey of students… Read more »

Getting Help

For a variety of reasons, many people with mental health problems do not seek treatment. Some believe they can handle the problem on their own; many are unaware that a mental health problem is what is making them feel bad or function poorly. Stigma continues to be an obstacle to treatment for some people and… Read more »

Advocacy Resources for Suicide Prevention

How To Use This Page These resources and talking points have been compiled so that NEA members can promote effective suicide prevention programs and appropriate professional development at the state level and advocate for model policies (state legislation, school board resolution, etc.) in their school districts. Please feel free to use any of this information when… Read more »

Depression and Anxiety

Depression More than 19 million Americans suffer each year from clinical depression. It can happen to anyone. Depression is more than just sadness and not personal weakness. Depression is a medical illness for which you should seek help.   Symptoms of Depression: Loss of pleasure in daily life Sad, anxious, or empty mood Sleeping too little… Read more »