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Spotless Classroom Cleaning Tricks–Revealed!

From stubborn whiteboard stains to mystery sticky spots, teachers share resourceful ideas to quickly clean classroom messes. As you look around your beloved classroom, are you annoyed that your desks are dirty, you have crayon on your walls and there are Sharpie stains on your whiteboard? Your fellow educators, inherently creative and infinitely resourceful, have… Read more »

Clean Schools Videos en Español

Limpieza y desinfección en el entorno escolar:   La conexión entre la limpieza, la desinfección y la salud:   Limpieza, higienización y desinfección específica:   Selección del producto correcto para el trabajo:   Uso, almacenamiento y eliminación de productos:   Utilizando de manera segura el blanqueador con cloro en el entorno escolar:   Credits:  

5 Ways to Make this School Year a Safe One

You’re in the midst of returning to school, adjusting to new schedules, learning new names and faces, and gearing up to make an impact. You’re prepared…you’ve got this! But when it comes to school and student safety, you can never be too prepared.