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Portion Control: Eating Healthy Means Eating the Right Amount

At the core of protecting kids from childhood obesity is teaching them to consume healthy foods and beverages. But another layer to the battle of what to eat is teaching them about healthy amounts of food. In other words – portion control. And it’s not just to prevent childhood obesity – these lessons are applicable to everyone.

7 Ways You Can Support Healthy School Habits this Fall

Most everyone loves autumn. Days turn crisp, you get to change your wardrobe, the kids go back to school and Mother Nature puts on a great color show. But, fall also brings with it holiday celebrations and fundraisers, which aren’t always done in a healthy way. This fall, let’s work together to support healthy habits… Read more »

Bag the Junk: Happy, Healthy School Holiday Celebrations!

Let’s put a new spin on the holidays, which aren’t usually synonymous with being healthy. School celebrations can be fun and good for us. Learn more in this informative Bag the Junk brochure.  NEA Healthy Futures’ Bag the Junk program provides resources like this to help schools and student health advocates take the next steps… Read more »

Counting Apples Instead of Cupcakes

Apples instead of cupcakes for a healthier lesson in school

If Billy has seven cupcakes and gives five of them away, how many does he have left for himself? The correct answer is two cupcakes, but we think it would be better if Billy was giving away apples, don’t you? Something simple like counting apples instead of cupcakes can help enhance a healthy school culture, allowing students… Read more »

Another Reason to Turn Off Kids’ TV

Marketing of unhealthy foods to kids

You already know that you should be limiting screen time for children and youth. Studies have shown that excessive media use can lead to attention problems, school difficulties, sleep and eating disorders, and obesity, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. And, there is yet another reason to limit that screen time – the marketing… Read more »

Bag the Junk: Sports Drinks in Schools

Sports drinks have become a popular alternative to sodas and high-calorie drinks for school-age children. However, these products may not be the healthiest option for students. Learn more in this brochure, Sports Drinks in Schools: Do Kids Really Need Them? NEA Healthy Futures’ Bag the Junk program provides resources like this to help schools and student… Read more »