Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives

Young active children jumping and playing outdoors The path to a healthy lifestyle starts in childhood, when learning about healthy choices and developing healthy food and physical activity preferences can have tremendous impact. Learning healthy habits from the start is much easier than trying to break unhealthy habits later in life! To help support your ongoing efforts to teach students about being healthy, NEA Healthy Futures and Nestlé created the Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives® (HSHL) series. We encourage after-school programs, youth service organizations, and families can to use these engaging, research-based HSHL materials too.

HSHL in the Classroom

HSHL is tied to national curriculum standards in all academic content areas for grades K-6. The instructional activities featured in the guides are easy to use, and practical to carry out while involving students in the learning process. The activities are grouped by the three Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives themes – THINK Healthy, EAT Healthy and MOVE Healthy. You can use one or all of the themes in any order that you like. Use the Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives resources to:

  • Reinforce skills learned in a nutrition unit taught earlier in the year or in previous years
  • Supplement direct instruction and promote concept development about nutrition and physical activity
  • Integrate the topic of health into a language arts or math lessons
  • Motivate students to learn about being healthy
  • Expose students to concepts about health
  • Link multiple activities in succession to develop your own unit

Getting to Know the Materials

There are two Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives Kits available; one for Grades K-3 and one for Grades 3-6. Each kit contains a Teacher’s Guide, Food Cards, and a MyPlate poster. Each HSHL Teacher’s Guide contains background information and hands-on instructional activities aligned to the National Health Education Standards and Common Core State Standards.

Help students learn how to THINK, EAT and MOVE HEALTHY!

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* Please excuse our old organization name and logo on the resources – HSHL was developed prior to rebranding as NEA Healthy Futures!

Family Guide EnglishNote: To order free print copies of the Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives Kits, please email your request to; specify Grades K-3 or 3-6. Now you can engage your students’ families in the fun, hands-on learning with the Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives Family Guides! Available in English and Spanish, these colorful user-friendly guides will reinforce classroom lessons and make getting healthy a fun family affair. Click here to learn more about the Family Guides.

Supplemental HSHL Materials