What’s Your IEQ?

IEQ impacts everyone in a school — students and staffDeveloped by NEA Healthy Futures (as NEA HIN) as part of NEA Academy, What’s Your IEQ? A Roadmap to School Indoor Environmental Quality is a free course that will educate NEA members, state association staff, and others on how to identify, prevent, and resolve indoor environmental quality (IEQ) issues like mold and moisture problems, chemical exposure, asbestos, radon, and more.

Course Information:

The five modules cover topics including:

  • IEQ issues from the ventilation and the design, construction, and location of schools
  • The effects of IEQ on performance and health
  • Common pollutant sources
  • How to organize around the issue of poor IEQ as a local association

During this 4 hour course, you’ll learn firsthand thought commentary from national experts, seasoned UniServ Directors and other state association staff, and NEA members who have first-hand experience in dealing with IEQ issues.

The course’s design incorporates nationally recognized, research-based standards for online professional development and provides teachers and education support professionals (ESPs) with the opportunity to obtain certificate hours and other professional development credit. A total of 4 CLK/CEU hours can be earned by taking the course. Users may take the course for credit or simply use it to search for information on a specific topic.

How to Access the Course:

Take an online course in the comfort of your own homeIt couldn’t be simpler to take, What’s Your IEQ? A Roadmap to School Indoor Environmental Quality.

Note: If you do not already have one, you must register for a password through the NEA Academy.

Go to the NEA Academy page to enroll in the course.