School and Community Safety

Lots of school buses crowded in a lineThe safety of your students and fellow educators is important to you — and to us. We know that schools can face a variety of challenges, like violence, bullying and natural disasters. You probably do drills at your school to prepare for a crisis, should one happen. But is it enough?

As a school employee, you need to be prepared for a crisis and so does the rest of your school. A big part of preparedness is awareness and prevention. As such, NEA supports a comprehensive approach to safe schools. NEA Healthy Futures is here to provide you with resources to help prepare for and respond to these challenges as they arise.

Our three main focus areas are:

School Crisis Guide: Prepare, Prevent, Respond, Recover: Perhaps the most critical part of your schools safety is being prepared and knowing what comes in the days to follow – and our Crisis Guide can help. Learn more about responding to a school crisis, or download NEA Healthy Future’s School Crisis Guide.

Bullying Prevention: Teenage boy wearing goth style makeup Promoting a safe school and community includes a concerted effort to teach children and remind adults about the harms and dangers of bullying behaviors. NEA Healthy Futures focuses on the mental and behavioral health aspects and implications of bullying; NEA offers resources and training opportunities to help educators reinforce bullying prevention efforts among students and adults as part of a larger NEA Campaign Against Bullying.

Violence Prevention: Violence prevention is another key competent of school and community safety. NEA efforts to promote equity and work to mitigate the environmental factors that contribute to the School to Prison Pipeline include a broader conversation on violence prevention, preventative discipline and strengthening community relationships through Restorative Justice programs. As the NEA affiliate working on mental and behavioral health issues, NEA Healthy Futures is deeply involved in this conversation and expanding the work in this area.