Dirt is Good!

Mud pies. Gardening. Digging for buried treasure. Puddle jumping. Burying a time capsule in the backyard. None of these opportunities should be missed in the span of a young life. There are a thousand ways that dirt is not only good — it’s FANTASTIC. Simply put, dirt is an essential ingredient to a happy childhood.

So if you find that your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or heck — even yourself are far too clean these daysunplug from your electronic device of choice and go outside and PLAY. It’s good for the body, mind and spirit.

And quite frankly, so many children and teens today have no idea what they have been missing. We are raising a very indoor generation, comparatively speaking. So be a little patient with them; it might take them awhile to get the hang of good old fashioned outdoor play and adventure. But they will. It’s in all of us — naturally.

Check out these resources to help get your kiddos or family outside:

Nature Rocks
Natural Families (Children and Nature Network)
Nature Find
Discover the Forest

OK, now get off the computer and go outside and play! 😉

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Bethe Almeras

Written by Bethe Almeras

Bethe Almeras is the Interim Executive Director of NEA Healthy Futures. A longtime blogger (and avid blog reader!), she loves the way blog posts can be like good conversations —sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes sad or funny, sometimes inspiring, but hopefully always interesting and informative. Bethe believes an organization's blog is the best place to meet the faces and hearts behind the work. When she’s not working and blogging, Bethe enjoys hanging out with her cats, Little Man and Tidbit, traveling, and being outdoors.


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