Take Steps to Healthy, Active and Focused Students

Walking as a physical activity helps increase a child’s ability to learn. Safe, accessible, walkable communities help encourage this as well as strengthen schools and communities. Communities without safe walkable conditions can have the exact opposite outcome. (more…)

The Thursday Three: First Edition

Definition of Thurs·day Three (ˈTHərzdē ˈthrē): Three unique stories curated for educators, parents, policy makers and others passionate about education. Topics include student health and development, learning readiness, school climate and social emotional learning, and school employee wellness. (more…)

What You Need to Know About Lead Poisoning

You’ve heard about it in the news lately, no doubt. The water crisis in Flint, Michigan, has put lead poisoning at the front of our minds, and in our hearts as families, schools and the community deals with it. (more…)

heart health

6 Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

If you’re like a lot of people, you might take your heart for granted. Heart health is so important, though – after all, it’s what keeps our bodies going day after day! But it’s not necessarily noticeable unless something is wrong. That’s why each of us should take steps to improve or maintain heart health whenever possible. (more…)

Kindness as a Gateway to…

I think it’s very easy to dismiss things like Random Acts of Kindness as frivolous, too cute or even a bit clichéd.  

But I would like to offer an alternative way of thinking about it. In our 24-hour bad news cycle, cyber bullying, fat shaming and increasingly socially isolated society, practicing and teaching kindness has never been more important. It is a revolutionary act of necessity for our children and ourselves.  (more…)

Fighting Student Hunger in Little Rock, Arkansas

Too often, through no fault of their own, students arrive at school without having their basic needs met. Educators know that you cannot teach a child until their basic needs are met, which includes relief from hunger. (more…)

Students and teacher walking in school hallway

Combatting Social Isolation: It Starts With Hello

Start With Hello Call-to-Action Week: February 8 – 12, 2016

At every school and in every community there are children who feel like they have no friends and quietly suffer through each day – especially at lunchtime, recess and other moments where friends gather together. (more…)