The Thursday Three: Second Edition

Definition of Thurs·day Three (ˈTHərzdē ˈthrē): Three unique stories curated for educators, parents, policy makers and others passionate about education. Topics include student health and development, learning readiness, school climate and social emotional learning, and school employee wellness. (more…)

Sharing is Caring When Fighting Student Hunger

Sometimes, you know you have to get involved because you can make a difference. That’s why Sara Brown, a health room assistant at Bordeaux Elementary School in Shelton, WA, works to fight student hunger. With over 70 percent of her students’ families as low-income or homeless, hunger is a real issue in her school. (more…)

Why Growing Students Really Need More Sleep

Spring forward! My least favorite Sunday morning of the year happened this week. Sure, spring is coming and the daylight will linger in the warmer temperatures, but losing that hour can be rough for an already sleep-deprived nation. But it’s even worse for our nation’s teenagers, who already get less than the recommended hours of sleep needed for their growth during this time of transition into adulthood. (more…)

Standing all day can be really tiring

On Your Feet All Day?

Use these 4 strategies to build strength and reduce pain.

When you’re on your feet all day, it’s not uncommon to experience pain, strain and muscle weakness. Your back aches, your dogs are barking and all you want to do is sit down! Before you take a load off, it’s important to realize that these symptoms are telling you that your body is weak and off balance.  (more…)

Making Time for School Breakfast

The following post is written by NEA Secretary-Treasurer Princess Moss.

As we take time during the school year to celebrate special observances and individuals, I couldn’t resist in lending my voice to promote National School Breakfast Week. It’s a yearly event where we not only honor the important men and women who help serve and clean-up school breakfast, but we also highlight innovative programs that ensure more students start the school day well fed. (more…)

Educators Love School Breakfast!

We love school breakfast and Breakfast in the Classroom — and we know educators do, too! Whenever we help roll out a Breakfast in the Classroom program in a school or district, we hear so much positive feedback from all of the staff who are involved. Students who eat breakfast are more attentive in class, and learning improves because they aren’t focused on being hungry. (more…)