Running helps you stay in shape

How Busy Educators are Fitting in Fitness

Your colleagues chimed in with easy, actionable tips for sneaking fitness into your school day. 

Finding the time to hit the gym can be a challenge, especially when you’re a busy educator. Your days, evenings and weekends are already crammed full. And even if you can find the time, sometimes finding the energy to exercise can feel nearly impossible. (more…)

Providing Clean Water to Flint, Michigan

When the city of Flint, Michigan switched its water source in 2014, issues with the water quality became immediately apparent. But it wasn’t until recently that the problems with the water supply, corrosion of pipes and lead in the water became national news. Now, the water situation had turned into a crisis. (more…)

The Importance of School-Based Mental Health Services

The conversation around children’s mental health needs has been growing for years. There have been great advancements in neuropsychological research and neuroimaging that have improved our understanding of how our experiences affect brain chemistry and development. We now understand that exposure to chronic environmental stressors (poverty, community violence, familial disruption and instability) and the effects of (more…)

violence against teachers

Understanding the Truth About Violence Against Teachers

This blog originally ran last month on the American Psychological Association’s “Psych Learning Curve: Where Psychology and Education Connect.” APA invited NEA Healthy Futures to comment on the issue of violence against teachers and share their resources and commitment to preventing and addressing violence directed at teachers.

We have all heard stories about teachers who have been assaulted and continue to work in fear that they may be victimized by one of their students. In fact 80% of teachers in a nation-wide survey reported being victimized at least once within the current or past school year. (more…)

7 Fun Ideas for Screen-Free Week

Let the TVs and video systems go dark for screen-free week. Limit computer use to necessary work and school activities whenever possible. Join people across the globe as they take back the enormous blocks of time that our plug-in devices are stealing from us — that we are GIVING THEM all too willingly! (more…)

The Thursday Three: Third Edition

Definition of Thurs·day Three (ˈTHərzdē ˈthrē): Three unique stories curated for educators, parents, policy makers and others passionate about education. Topics include student health and development, learning readiness, school climate and social emotional learning, and school employee wellness. (more…)