7 Fun Ideas for Screen-Free Week

Let the TVs and video systems go dark for screen-free week. Limit computer use to necessary work and school activities whenever possible. Join people across the globe as they take back the enormous blocks of time that our plug-in devices are stealing from us — that we are GIVING THEM all too willingly!

Instead, spend time reconnecting with family and friends in meaningful, face-to-face ways.

Screen time is, without a doubt, one of the chief barriers to unstructured play and outdoor time in the lives of today’s children. (And we grown-ups, too!) So here are a few ideas to get you started. Of course, you are only limited by your imagination. Make Screen-Free Week your own!

An Idea a Day to Keep the Screen Away:

  1. skewers-862682_1280Have a cookout! Still not the nicest weather where you live? Have an indoor picnic instead.
  2. Have game night. Break out the cards and boards games and have some old fashion fun. Or, if the budget allows, pick out a new family game to master.
  3. Go for a nice long walk after dinner. Stop and chat with neighbors you might not have seen all winter while we were all holed-up.
  4. Take a trip to the library and let everyone pick out a book. If age appropriate, get a book that you can read together as a family.
  5. Visit a local nature center for a program. They often have evening programs on stargazing, night hikes, and nocturnal wildlife.
  6. Take a day trip! Go hiking, biking, or to visit a nearby museum. Just get out there! (Weekend)
  7. container-garden-1051454_1280Start a backyard garden or container garden, or spend time in one you already have. (Weekend)

No matter what you do, make a real effort to unplug and reconnect. See if you notice any difference in your mood, or those of your children. Or changes in their behavior or sleep patterns. What can being screen-free do for you?

Don’t worry — the TV isn’t going anywhere. And you all know that thanks to DVRs and web-streaming, you can catch-up on just about everything you will miss. But who knows, you just might find that you don’t MISS a thing!

See ya outside!

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Bethe Almeras

Written by Bethe Almeras

Bethe Almeras is the Interim Executive Director of NEA Healthy Futures. A longtime blogger (and avid blog reader!), she loves the way blog posts can be like good conversations —sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes sad or funny, sometimes inspiring, but hopefully always interesting and informative. Bethe believes an organization's blog is the best place to meet the faces and hearts behind the work. When she’s not working and blogging, Bethe enjoys hanging out with her cats, Little Man and Tidbit, traveling, and being outdoors.

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